The purpose of Young People’s Ministries is to empower young people as world-changing disciples of Jesus Christ, to nurture faith development, and to equip young leaders. This may be done by building a network of support and providing resources that connect the diverse experiences of youth and young adults in local ministries and communities across the globe.

Since the mission of the United Methodist Church is to make disciples of Jesus Christ, Youth Service Fund projects will be examined to see how they challenge youth to live as faithful disciples of Jesus Christ.


Priority will be given to those projects that are youth-led (i.e. youth have been leaders in the creation, development, implementation and evaluation of a project.) The project must be youth-related (12-18 years of age, or up to age 24 for international projects.)

Youth Service Fund money is to be used to develop new projects that will become self-supporting. There is no guarantee of funding after one year and no project will be funded more than three consecutive years (funding for consecutive years will decrease from that of the previous year).

Youth Service Fund grants should have a substantial effect on the project but will not be used to fund a deficit. Projects should be racially and ethnically inclusive whenever possible.

Preference will be given to United Methodist projects within the connectional system. Projects of other churches and cooperative efforts between religious groups will be favored next. Finally, projects sponsored by secular organizations that meet Youth Service Fund criteria will be considered.


  • The goals of the project should be stated clearly. The project review committee needs to be able to visualize the project in action.
  • Submitting a specific budget is essential. Where does income come from? What expense does your project have? No more than 25% of Youth Service Fund monies granted may be used for administration or salary, freeing a minimum of 75% for program development.
  • Illustrate church and community support, financial and otherwise. Letters of support from church and community leaders are encouraged.
  • Specify one primary project category to describe your project.
  • If your project is chosen you will:
    • Be notified by 1 November;
    • Be required to return a Good Faith Agreement and payment information by 1 January;
    • Receive funds by check or wire transfer in January and July;
    • Be asked to submit two progress reports: one to receive the second payment and one following the funding year.
  • The final payment date can be altered if the project show a distinct need.
  • Failure to comply with the requirements will lead to termination of funding or prevent receiving funds in the future.

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