Espirito Youth Church

Karlsruhe, Germany
Category: Ministry with At-Risk Youth
*United Methodist, Southern Germany Conference
Granted: $5,000

The Espirito Youth Church opens its doors four times a week for young people and offers a place where they can meet friends and play in a safe environment, called the “Espirito Bistro.” Young people who have to fulfill community service instead of youth custody can serve their time working for the Espirito Bistro. Here they find acceptance and appreciation and learn to integrate into groups.




YSF Twitter Challenge

For the last 36 years, the Youth Service Fund has been divided in two ways: 70% stays in the Annual/Central Conference that raised the funds, and 30% is forwarded to Young People’s Ministries to be used for the Global YSF. All of this money has been raised by youth and then given to support youth around the world!

Question: How much has been given to the Global YSF since 1977?


Tweet your answer to @ypmgbod #youthservicefund, and the closest guess will win a throwback YSF prize! The answer and winner will be posted on Wednesday, May 22.




Throwback Thursday: YSF 2003

Spring Cleaning has begun in the office! Aside from the dust and cobwebs, we’ve found some interesting things…

Yesterday, Diane brought me a stack of personal stories turned in for a Youth Service Fund project in Kenya from 2003, called “Youth At Risk Baptist Centre.” This project paid for 15 students to attend high school, provided skills training YSFpic1for 15 young people, enabled 3 youth to take a computer class, and helped 1 young person join a counseling course. Each of the statements was handwritten with a photo attached. I was struck by the gratitude and care put into each of these letters, and I wanted to share a few excerpts.

From Patricia at age 17: “The Youth Service Fund has helped me to have a positive attitude towards my life, such that I know that God is there for me, and that’s why he has opened a way even where there seemed to be no way. God bless you abundantly, exceedingly, and above all we can think of.”

From Joab at age 17: “It’s my prayer that your participation in service will help many youths to fulfill their dreams in life and never wish to quit in everything they do.”

From Grace at age 16: “I thank God for giving me loving, caring and wonderful parents. I am very pleased and happy about this project, and I am praying and asking God to help it grow because it has really helped my parents so much in paying my school fees, and this will enable me to go through my education without problems.”

Ten years ago, 34 young people in Kenya received a wonderful gift from countless young people around the world. That is pretty amazing!! Whether you gave to YSF in 2013, 2003, or 1983, that gift made a difference.

Youth Service Fund: 2012 Totals


Hello Everyone!

Spring has finally made it here to Nashville, Tennessee, and I couldn’t help but share the view. It is a beautiful day!

I wanted to share with you some of the giving totals for Youth Service Fund from 2012, because the generosity of so many young people across the country is simply amazing! Thousands of dollars are raised each year by youth for projects that are youth-designed, youth-led, and benefit youth all around the world. Keep in mind these totals show only the 30% contributed to the Global YSF.

Here are the top givers for each Jurisdiction (drum roll, please!):

  • North Cental – West Michigan Conference
  • Northeastern – Upper New York
  • South Central – Arkansas
  • Southeastern – Virginia
  • Western – California-Pacific

These 5 annual conferences gave a combined total of $25,214.56!

The California-Pacific conference came in as the top contributor with to total of $8,111.28, and the jurisdiction that raised the most, a total of $17,320.46, was South Central!

Many thanks to all of the youth who have made the Youth Service Fund possible! It is a truly unique and remarkable ministry, and you can connect with projects that have received Global YSF funding at Check it out, and share your thoughts on our Facebook page,

Have a great Easter week and happy giving!!!