Sex Education in Uganda – YSF 2010 grant update

Education on Reproductive Health and Contraception was selected as a 2010 Youth Service Fund project by our Project Review committee. This project received $2,000 last year to help the youth of Kyengera Christian Fellowship Church in Kampala, Uganda.

In the beginning phases of this project, the planning committees met with local leaders to assign duties to volunteers and design the program plans and timelines in addition to recruiting additional volunteers.  The main purpose of this project was to educate youth about the male and female reproductive systems and all that goes along with it.  They discussed human reproduction, pregnancy, diseases such as HIV/AIDS, and disorders that may be a result.  The facilitators taught about family planning in addition to the value of marriage.

How were youth involved in the planning? There was a planning committee comprised of 12 youth who were asked to map out the project areas that they thought would be a good place to hold the class.  They wrote out a Needs Assessment report and identified the people and resources necessary for the program.

and programming? A committee of 8 youth were asked to work on a time-line and assign responsibilities to volunteers.  They were also asked to work together on a budget.  (FACT:   Outside of the U.S., ages 12-30 yrs. old are categorized as youth)

Results: The project was conducted in four locations.  In each location there were two sessions of eight hours each.  The project will continue.  They intend to go more in depth on certain topics in the future, such as:  Gender, Children Rights and Responsibilities; Ethics, Morals and Cultural Values; and Life Skills. 

The picture was sent in by the project coordinator.  The picture boys that participated in the program wearing YSF hats.  Thank you for your donations to YSF which fund projects that make a real difference in people’s lives.