Giving: YSF Totals for 2011

Hello Everyone!

I’m not sure how it happened, but Spring 2012 is already here! So before the “new” year completely runs off without me, I want to share some of the Youth Service Fund (YSF) grand totals from 2011.

The Top 5 Conferences that Donated the Most???
1)      North Carolina
2)      Virginia
3)      West Michigan
4)      Tennessee
5)      California Pacific
Together, these conferences gave $27,006.40!!!


The Jurisdiction that Donated the Most in 2011??? (Drum roll, please!!)
The Southeastern Jurisdiction gave $23,487.39!


Thank you ALL for your hard work and your faithful giving. Just think of all of the projects that are being supported with these generous gifts! Youth are making a tremendous difference in their own backyards and all around the world, and that is why I want to hear from YOU!

-Tell me about your youth group’s fundraisers

-Offer suggestions about how to better connect with grant recipients

-Share the inspiration behind your contributions


Send emails to or


Below is a short video about YSF. It might be information you already know, and if that’s the case, share it with someone who doesn’t know about YSF! Thanks!


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