United Methodist Spring Center

St. Petersburg, Russia
Category with At-Risk Youth
*United Methodist, North West Russia & Belarus Conference
Granted: $8,000
United Methodist Center Spring aims to support youth and children spiritually, emotionally and socially, to bring them up as true disciples of Christ, and protect them from all kinds of violence. Spring Center fulfills its mission through camps for children and youth, educational programs in the Spring Center and Grant UMC, musical and theatrical performances, and through the daily care center.


RISE Mentoring Program

Harrsionburg, Virginia
*United Methodist, Southeastern Jurisdiction
Granted: $3,000

RISE works to facilitate an environment where middle and high school students can experience opportunities to dream, engage with others, and discover that there is greater potential in life than just what they see between home and school. This ministry will provide them with opportunities to connect with college-aged students who will journey with them through exploring educational, social, and spiritual aspects of their lives.











Rebuilding Lives of Acid Survivors through Trauma Healing, Faith Building, and Vocational Skills Development

Kasoa, Ghana
Category: Ministry with At-Risk Youth
*Network for Community Action
This project strives to promote a violence-free community in Kasoa, Ghana where women and girls can live and work as equal members of society and express their God given talents in their own unique ways without fear of losing their livelihoods or being seriously injured as a result of violence. It further seeks to develop acid survivors’ faith in Christ and transform their despair to a haven of hope by working with partners to provide psychological care, whilst also promoting vocational training and long term prevention strategies.

Luke 10 – Evangelism

Mumbai, India
Category: Ministry with At-Risk Youth
*United Methodist, *Maharashtra Baptist Society
Granted: $2000

This project will reach out to those involved with human trafficking in Mumbai, India. Members of the Maharashtra Baptist Society distribute Christian tracts and literature on the streets to bring awareness among the people about human trafficking. They also help in rescue operations, provide shelter for the recued women, and help those rescued to be self-supportive. luke2


Leaders in Training Experience (LITE) Program – Project Transformation

Dallas, Texas
Category: Ministry with At-Risk Youth
*United Methodist, South Central Jurisdiction
Granted: $9000

The mission of Project Transformation is to engage young adults in purposeful leadership and ministry, to support underserved children and families, and to connect churches to communities in need. The Leaders in Training Experience, a program of Project Transformation, started in the summer of 2011 to provide academic, leadership, spiritual, volunteer, and personal development to 10th-12th graders in North Texas. lite2


Healing and Wholeness of At-Risk Youth

Kyiv, Ukraine
Category: Ministry with At-Risk Youth
*United Methodist, Ukraine-Moldova Conference
Granted: $4,500

Through St. Luke’s United Methodist Church Family Center in Kyiv, Ukraine, this new project aims to provide increased educational, emotional, and spiritual assistance and support to two vulnerable groups within the community: young adults who are or have been imprisoned and/or suffer from addiction and school children living in broken homes or in other unsafe situations of neglect.Children of the St  Luke's UMC Family Center (2)

Holiday greetings from Kyiv!

Foundation Skate Ministry: Growth Plan

Libertyville, Illinois
Category: Faith Sharing and Outreach
*Non-Denominational, Nonprofit
Granted: $3,000

Foundation Skate Ministry exists to make disciples of Jesus Christ from the lost skate culture in Lake County, Illinois and to teach them how to live a life of selfless love towards others. FSM has plans to grow from a traveling ministry to having its own warehouse with an indoor skate park and adding an afterschool skate and tutoring session to meet the rising need for academic assistance. fsm1



Espirito Youth Church

Karlsruhe, Germany
Category: Ministry with At-Risk Youth
*United Methodist, Southern Germany Conference
Granted: $5,000

The Espirito Youth Church opens its doors four times a week for young people and offers a place where they can meet friends and play in a safe environment, called the “Espirito Bistro.” Young people who have to fulfill community service instead of youth custody can serve their time working for the Espirito Bistro. Here they find acceptance and appreciation and learn to integrate into groups.