Youth as Vanguard

Youth as Vanguard to Building Peaceful Socio-Political Society

Karim Lamido, Nigeria

Category: Ministry with At-Risk Youth

*United Methodist, West Africa Central Conference

Amount Granted: $2,000

This project intends to create awareness among youth to serve as a vanguard of peace in the society, to identify areas in which youth could be used to bring a change in an unjust, socio-political society, and to help youth identify their potential as reliable citizens where human dignity is respected.

Youth Vanguard 6 Youth Vanguard 5 Youth Vanguard 4 Youth Vanguard 3 Youth Vanguard 2 Youth Vanguard 1


Youth for Change

Youth for Change

Jalingo, Nigeria

Category: Ministry with At-Risk Youth

*United Methodist, West Africa Central Conference

Amount Granted: $4,000

This project aims to educate and mobilize young people on the dangers of HIV/AIDS, empower young people to turn away from substance abuse, and to advocate for peace and conflict resolution for sustainable change and unity among religious and ethnic groups in North-Eastern Nigeria. Peer educators will be trained to educate young people within their communities, and a Youth Rehabilitation Center will care for those affected by substance abuse or HIV/AIDS.


Youth for Change 1 Youth for Change 2 Youth for Change 3 Youth for Change 4 Youth for Change 5

Young People Leadership

Young People Leadership Seminary Project

Abidjan, Cote D’Ivoire

Category: Leadership Development

*United Methodist, West Africa Central Conference

Amount Granted: 6,000

The project hopes to create awareness about the leadership issues within the church and society and find ways to approach these issues. It also hopes to encourage and empower young people to become efficient church and social leaders and involves them in their responsibility as leaders in the church.YP Lead 1 YP Lead 2 YP Lead 3 YP Lead 4 YP Lead 5


SOWER First-Steps Youth Mission Adventure

Bethesda, OH

Category: Faith Sharing and Outreach

*United Methodist, North Central Jurisdiction

Amount Granted: $8,000

SOWER, which stands for “Sharing Our Witness Enriching Relationships,” was created to meet the needs of the community with a variety of building repairs, and relationships are a large focus of the program. First-Steps began last year from youth groups who could not commit to a full week of mission work and have never participated in work mission before. The project strives to impact the lives of youth so they see the importance of serving others while serving Jesus Christ.

Sower 1 Sower 2 Sower 3



Plano, TX

Category: Faith Sharing and Outreach

*United Methodist, South Central Jurisdiction

Amount Granted: $1,000

This event hopes to engage youth in a larger Methodist Christian Community where they have the opportunity to worship together in a way that inspires them to serve, pray, and study scripture to live as devoted followers of Jesus Christ. This event will be for all of the North Texas Conference Youth, and it hopes to develop and connect leaders to the local church, district and conference leadership opportunities.



Global Young People’s Convocation and Legislative Assembly

Tagaytay, Philippines

Category: Leadership Development

*United Methodist

Amount Granted: $1,000

The Global Young People’s Convocation and Legislative Assembly wants to connect United Methodist young people from all over the globe to celebrate who they are and who God is creating them to be. GYPCLA wants these young people to share their life experiences, struggles, gifts and realities, so that their stories transform the world. GYPCLA also wants to give these young people a legislative voice in the United Methodist church to make positive change.


Creation Dance Production

Creation Dance Production/Youth and Young Adults Ministry

Milpitas, CA

Category: Faith Sharing and Outreach

*United Methodist Church, Western Jurisdiction

Amount Granted: $8,000

Creation Dance Production and the Youth and Young Adults Ministry hope to reach out to the community through innovative and cultural dances. In addition, it hopes to create opportunities for spiritual growth and development through small group gatherings, retreats, and leadership developmentCreation Dance 1 Creation Dance 2 Creation Dance 3 Creation Dance 4 Creation Dance 5 Creation Dance 6

Coastal Zone

philippines-flagCoastal Zone Young People’s Program on Christian Witness and Outreach

Cotabato, Philippines

Category: Faith Sharing and Outreach
*United Methodist, Philippines Central Conference

Amount Granted: $8,000

The main purpose of this project is to organize the young people of the 4 local parishes and empower them to be faithful and effective witnesses of the saving, transforming love of God in Jesus Christ. They will also be encouraged and assisted in reaching out to the malnourished children and elderly couples in the communities.



CheckPoint – meeting point for children and families –
Chemnitz-ErlÖserkirche, Germany
Category: Ministry with At-Risk Youth
*United Methodist, Germany Central Conference
Amount Granted: $1,000
This project aims to become a “fresh expression of church,” a new form of being and doing church for those who are not being reached by the traditional church in Hilbersdorf. CheckPoint is a space where children and their families can come to play, participate in sports, get help with homework, have a warm meal, and hear Bible stories. It is run by youth and young adult volunteers of the congregation and from the IMT-International Mission Team.